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The Ballet Dieties

8 Dec

These dancers are the reason I do what I do, all I aspire to, and why I love ballet so much….

Svetlana Zakharova

Mikhail Baryshnikov

Margot Fonteyn

Vaslav Nijinsky

Anna Pavlova

Rudolf Nureyev

Darcey Bussell


Are those snowflakes I see?

7 Dec

The Nutcracker is one of the most iconic shows of the holiday season, and is performed thousands of times all over the world every year. This is the first time in 23 years I am not performing in the Nutcracker, and I must admit it’s bittersweet. I have at one point or other probably done every female role in the ballet, and hearing the music while out at the mall or watching TV during the holidays brings back a flood of wonderful memories. I wanted to share the Waltz of the Snowflakes as performed by the Bolshoi Ballet. Enjoy!

A great new opportunity for students

6 Dec

I recently found out Peridance Capezio Center in New York City is launching a new pre-professional Certificate Program for serious dance students ages 17 to 28. It is more than a scheduled array of open classes. It basically works as an accelerated four-semester conservatory program to give students the skills and professionalism a dance career requires.

Students can choose a ballet/modern track, which resembles most dance conservatory programs, or a commercial track, for those pursuing a career in commercial dance or musical theater. The program requires a minimum of three classes per day, or 60 classes per month. Each student’s schedule is tailored to address their individual needs. All dancers get performance opportunities, conditioning, physical therapy, discounted or free Peridance workshops, master classes, studio space and personal mentoring from Peridance’s faculty. Find out more at, and learn about other post–high school training options on

Jaw-dropping much?

5 Dec

So by now you’ve all figured out that I seriously idolize Svetlana Zhakarova of the Bolshoi Ballet. She is one of the most mesmerizing dancers of all time in my opinion and seeing her perform in Swan Lake at a very young age made me want to be a ballerina. Here’s another one of my favorite solos of all time – the Grand Pas Classique from Paquita. Watching it makes me miss my days as a prima!

Bringing home the win :)

4 Dec

So my students competed in the NRG  Convention today and I could not have been more proud of them! My group choreography for the senior division took first place overall, and three of the solos I choreographed took first place in their divisions. I do pride myself on good choreography, but the girls are the ones responsible for the win. One of the main reasons I love teaching so much is watching the girls get rewarded for all their hard work, and hearing them tell me how good it feels to have a good show. It doesn’t matter how much I had to pull teeth to get them there at that point, because they have learned that performing is about the rush of freedom you get when you dance a number spot on.

The Secrets of Russian Pas De Deux

2 Dec

After posting that article yesterday, I came across a video series on YouTube titled “The Secrets of Russian Pas de Deux” on DanceChannel TV. Featuring a former male Bolshoi principle dancer, these films are tutorial-style break downs of common pas de deux partnering steps. Considering pirouettes were always my own personal partnering vice, I decided to share this segment.

Reminescing about my favorite table

29 Nov

An iconic Joffery Ballet creation, The Green Table was one I got to perform many times, and is one of the more creative and thought provoking pieces of the century. This video is only part one, but the rest can be found on YouTube if you are interested in seeing the entire work.