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Bringing home the win :)

4 Dec

So my students competed in the NRG  Convention today and I could not have been more proud of them! My group choreography for the senior division took first place overall, and three of the solos I choreographed took first place in their divisions. I do pride myself on good choreography, but the girls are the ones responsible for the win. One of the main reasons I love teaching so much is watching the girls get rewarded for all their hard work, and hearing them tell me how good it feels to have a good show. It doesn’t matter how much I had to pull teeth to get them there at that point, because they have learned that performing is about the rush of freedom you get when you dance a number spot on.


NDEO 2011 Conference

4 Nov

The National Dance Education Organization has just announced their 2011 conference dates – from October 19-23, 2011 in Minneapolis, MN.

Topics of discussion for dance teachers will include: How many roles do we play? How are we identified and how do we identify ourselves? Are we teachers, artists, administrators, dancers, interpreters, choreographers, writers, mentors, historians, and/or advocates?  How are we creating paths into the future for ourselves, our communities and our profession?

These conventions are designed to help us all share our expertise, stories, questions and creative spirit so we ALL learn and strengthen dance throughout America.

Local dance studio gives reason to Rejoice

18 Oct

Out & About – Local dance studio gives reason to Rejoice.

I found this article while surfing the net today and it really gave me hope for the large number of children in this country who’s families can’t afford for them to take dance classes. I feel as though any child with a passion for the art deserves to have a chance to to participate and perfect it. Thoughts?