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Nothing like a new pair of shoes to cheer a girl up…

12 Nov

So for the last week I have been coping with a pulled back muscle as a result of some potentially over-zealous teaching – needless to say it’s been a tough several days! My mood drastically improved, however, when I got home to find the gorgeous pair of brand new Gaynor Mindens I ordered had finally arrived! I have been using Gaynors for about eight years now, and they are by far my favorite brand of pointe shoes. I have extremely strong, high arches, and I used to use Russian Pointes with the strongest shank possible. Even those I used to break in after only a few weeks of use. After snapping the shank of a traditional pointe shoe mid-performance, I finally decided to make the switch to these modern-material shoes. They are extremely quiet and durable, and well worth the extra money I pay for them every few months.


Some pointe shoe food for thought…

22 Oct

Here’s an interesting video featuring Meghan Fairchild, principle dancer for the New York City Ballet, where she discusses the importance of pointe shoes fitting perfectly.