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Jaw-dropping much?

5 Dec

So by now you’ve all figured out that I seriously idolize Svetlana Zhakarova of the Bolshoi Ballet. She is one of the most mesmerizing dancers of all time in my opinion and seeing her perform in Swan Lake at a very young age made me want to be a ballerina. Here’s another one of my favorite solos of all time – the Grand Pas Classique from Paquita. Watching it makes me miss my days as a prima!


Another Classic…

20 Nov

Here’s another one of my favorite pas de deux of all time……They are so gorgeous together 🙂

Comfort in the iconic…

3 Nov

Many times in the classes I teach I turn to choreography variations from numerous classic ballets to give my students some exposure to the technique required of a professional. Today I taught a private lesson with two very talented students who are working on the black swan pas de deux segment from Swan Lake – quite possibly one of the most difficult pieces of ballet choreography of all time. As I was teaching them the intricacies of the piece, memories flooded back to me of when I played the role of Odette/Odile several years ago. I will never forget how epic it felt to be performing something that has remained a classic for over 100 years since its premiere in 1877 by the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow, and that certain elements of iconic choreography such as this remain unchanged over that immense time span (like Odile’s 32 fouettes or the dance of the six swans). So, in honor of nostalgia and ballet’s vast and rich history, here is Odile’s pas de deux and solo fouettes from Act 3 of Swan Lake with Svetlana Zakharova of the Bolshoi Ballet.